Sunday, September 21, 2008

This is the end. Beautiful friend, the end.

Well, I've pretty much had it up to here with the dolts in this country.

Obama is nobody's messiah, but Jeeebus; compared to McPain he most certainly is. And don't even get me started on that psychopathic smug little moron Palin. Ugh. Those dipshits will be the end for sure, and if they don't end up destroying the world in a newkyuhler war, they will at the very least ruin what's left of this always-flawed but once-great country.

I'm holding my breath until November 4th (or 5th), and if somehow that nightmare McCain/Palin ticket manages to pull it off, I am going to take what's left of my money and I am going on a trip. I will travel around the world, attempting to enjoy myself in between having to apologize and explain to the befuddled that at least half my fellow Americans are mentally retarded, and I'm sorry but I tried. Yada 2004 all over again but worse.

And when the money runs out, I will then commit suicide. I will attempt to do it in a very public way that will not hurt anyone else but will call attention to the reason I did it. maybe I'll do it on YouTube or something, with my manifesto as The Last True Patriot mailed to all the news outlets ahead of time. I dunno; something that will get attention. I wanna be remembered as the guy who repeated the words of Patrick Henry and actually meant them.

* * *