Thursday, November 06, 2008

Ode to Miss Wasilla

Oh, Sarah Palin
You trashed your party
Like Van Halen
With a case of Bacardi
In a Holiday Inn in Wasilla
Like a pitbull in a china shop
Like an African Gorilla
wearing lipstick and a thousand-dollar suit
throwing shit and thinking it's cute
With a wink and a grin
you did yourself in
and took down your running mate
to boot.

Oh Sarah
Words just can't describe
what you did
You interviewed like your
Down Syndrome kid
And the more your mouth was open,
the more you had us hopin'
you'd keep saying more;
You showed us
what satire's for
And, doggone it,
they can say that I'm mean,
label me obscene,
call me contrarian...
But if there's one thing I know,
You betcha it's so
that you've succeeded in destroying
the idea of men enjoying
the fantasy of the sexy

* * *